Fried Rice : How to make a good fried rice with less than 500 Naira

I used to think fried rice was meant for special occasions even till now.  Maybe it is. Well, you can make and eat fried rice anytime and any day with just shikini money.  Here is how.. Preparation time : 40 minutes to 1hour depending on how hungry you are *winks* Ingredients : Rice Vegetable oil Mackerel fish = #200 Carrots =#50 Green beans = #50 Green pepper = #50 Pepper (I used the normal red one)  = #50 Onion Fresh garlic Fresh ginger Seasonings (I bought these particular ones in the market for #50 each and they were good.. Nutmeg, thyme, ginger and shallots ) Maggi (I used Knorr) Salt **** for those things I did not put a price tag on, I had them already and used. **** Practically, I used 400 naira to make this fried rice... Awesome right?  See it doesn't matter how much you use in making your food despite not having all the ingredients needed but the love with which you used in cooking it is all that matters. How to prepare food:  > wash yo

A Letter to My Blog

Dear Blog, Sometimes I forget I have to grow followership and content for you.  And you know what.. It's not been easy at all. For the first time I got to admit it, owning a blog is no piece of cake.  It requires consistency, hard work, diligence and creativity. Sometimes I even doubt I am creative enough to run you.  I look at other blogs and then I go.. . Damn, they've got a lot of sauce, I mean hot sauce. Besides I doubt if anyone reads you as I get just few amount of views.. . You are like a diary, which I don't mind tho. I wish I could get help, get a new look for you but what do I know, I am just a new blogger and novice at that with little cash to dispense with.  I wish,  I wish I could do better. Phew!! I feel like screaming. Can I get any better?  I do think affirmative Would the good content come?  Yes, things just have a way of getting better, I am so positive. Would you give up?   Hell no Well, blog baby I have done enough or I think I have done

Nigerian Tailor Palaver

                                I wouldn't say entirely say my day was ruined but it will be safe to say my day almost went sour. What happened? Tailor problems!!! I had wanted to wear something nice,gram worthy and something flashy.  My flashy Ankara was there but, the style wasn't so great which pissed me off at first but then I got angrier (if there is a word like that) when I saw the whole adjustments...its not like it solved the problem besides the lady has been with my other unsewn clothing for the past three years with full payments given to her, what else does she want?  I don't mean to nag but I came up with some possible solutions to these lamentations of Nigerians. 1. Buy already sewn clothes . There a lot of them in the market, trade centres, show rooms..just look out for them and Yes, at cheap prices. 2. Sew your own clothes Is that even possible ? Yes!! I don't have the time? Create time. It helps your mind and keeps you creative. 3. Patron


My blog oh Ok see I am sorry I ran away and it's all my fault.n I was discouraged with the amount of views I get plus I had a lot of excuses that kept coming up like: I needed a new phone, I probably needed a camera, I needed a lot of followers but now, I am done with those excuses and I am going to give this blog my best shot and best best. Anyways I got a new phone☺ Thank you for reading. I am NGB... please Like,Share and comment.

Exciting Ways To Start Your Day

                Monty winters               Pray : It may sound obnoxious but prayer gives me hope that my day will be better. It also jiggles and make me unusually prepared to take on my day bravely.   Excersise / yoga : As we are currently battling with the ASUU strike, I had to make good use of my time, so I started teaching in a nursery and primary school where I take the nursery 2 section. However,making my way out of bed is usually rigorous and sometimes this is after praying.  So what I do to remove laziness and bleakness is exercise or do yoga, not forgetting the music. Yoga itself is refreshing, and soothes my aching self. Cold shower : this works wonders.  So if after my exercise and cold shower and I still feel unenthusiastic, then I know my village people are on my matter. Cold showers would keep your mind awake and leave you refreshed.  Little wonder it is a combatant of konji *lol*😛 Take Mint : I don't have scientific back ups for this but mint helps

On Top Independence Day Matter

                    Happy Birthday Nigeria!!! I don't particularly remember having a  memorable experience on this day except the bombing that happened in Abuja in 2010. I remembered I wanted to go out to millennium park by 2pm with my friends and new found boyfriend EA, but unfortunately,the devil reared its ugly head in my mum that day. You know, whenever I am home and I plan on going out, I'd ask my parents if they wanted me to do anything for them and I would do so as early as 6am so I'd be left off happily ........ I did not really Want to hear 'Chere kan bia '.    So my mum said yes oh, she had clothes she wanted to me to wash.  Brethren in the lord, if you see this these clothes, you would pity for me. It did not stop there, that same morning, my mum made this nasty pap aka akamu, filled with sugar and milk, just the way I like it. Y'all know the after effects of akamu,akara and bread. I told myself I still had 4hours, shey is it not this sma

The Woes Of A Breast-Full Lady

                  Pinterest. Com As I got the chinkili alert yesterday, i started looking at my wardrobe and scanning through my mind for something I needed ........A-ha!  I needed a bra. At least it was better than using it to buy cream crackers.  At mid afternoon,I stepped out of the house, heading for the market with my head held up high and straight, looking for a good bra merchant. I personally do not buy second hand underwears ,so I opted for my ready made ones better called, The Aba Made Bras.  After walking round the market for an hour and some deadly minutes without any success,nearly cursing my fortune for giving me big breast and small waist,i resolved that the woman I saw ahead with an undies merchandise would be my last.... The rain I saw coming was not funny, so I approached her and the following conversation took place. Me : Good even ma,please I need a bra Lady : good even nwayioma,which size? Me : 43 ma (I had started pleading the blood of Moses at this po