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The Woes Of A Breast-Full Lady

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As I got the chinkili alert yesterday, i started looking at my wardrobe and scanning through my mind for something I needed ........A-ha!  I needed a bra. At least it was better than using it to buy cream crackers.  At mid afternoon,I stepped out of the house, heading for the market with my head held up high and straight, looking for a good bra merchant.

I personally do not buy second hand underwears ,so I opted for my ready made ones better called, The Aba Made Bras.  After walking round the market for an hour and some deadly minutes without any success,nearly cursing my fortune for giving me big breast and small waist,i resolved that the woman I saw ahead with an undies merchandise would be my last.... The rain I saw coming was not funny, so I approached her and the following conversation took place.

Me : Good even ma,please I need a bra
Lady : good even nwayioma,which size?
Me : 43 ma (I had started pleading the blood of Moses at this point)
Lady : You sure you reach 43…

My Wash Day Routine

My Natural Hair Wash Day
I am washing in preparation to carry a wig,cornrow, and twist out for atleast 2 weeks.
Although my wash was done at home as I am on vacation, hence I have just few oils,which means I have to make use of natural materials I can get my hands on.

In this tutorial, I would be sharing less expensive tips or better still DIY materials to wash your natural hair.
So here is my wash routine and items I used.

Items used:
Eggs.             =40 naira
2 small onion bulbs. = 40 naira
Honey(1small bottle) =300 naira
4 fingers of baby banana =50naira
Shea butter (ori)          =50naira
Lipton (2 bags)           =20 naira
Coconut oil (I got 250ml)   =500naira
Argan oil(got it as a gift last year)
Extra virgin olive oil (Elise brand)=800naira

                     Total  = 1800 Naira


This is a stage to prep your hair for the whole hair process
I peeled onion then blended it with a bit of water though I can't say how much w…

7 Life Saving Market Hacks For Ladies

Growing up back in the days, I watched my mother display the art of cutting cost before going to the market and I am pretty sure everyone has had such experiences with or without you ever noticing, little wonder our moms could spurn some magic in getting so much for little cost and still have Apriko to spend on something else.  Trust me, it's not different from our day as you can get a lot for little.

1.find out what day is the general market day at your location. 
Hey! We are in Naija and I believe every location has a day assigned to be the general market day.
In the igbo settings,it is called the Eke market day. The general market day is designed conventionally to allow every trader bring out their wares and goods to sell ,while as blissful as it is, as a consumer,you have several options for a very small amount.
I remember my younger sister who studies at UNIBEN say that she waits till Saturday to go the Sug market to get cheap things.
2. Find a cheap market. 
You wouldn't…