7 Life Saving Market Hacks For Ladies

Growing up back in the days, I watched my mother display the art of cutting cost before going to the market and I am pretty sure everyone has had such experiences with or without you ever noticing, little wonder our moms could spurn some magic in getting so much for little cost and still have Apriko to spend on something else.  Trust me, it's not different from our day as you can get a lot for little.

1.find out what day is the general market day at your location. 

Hey! We are in Naija and I believe every location has a day assigned to be the general market day.
In the igbo settings,it is called the Eke market day. The general market day is designed conventionally to allow every trader bring out their wares and goods to sell ,while as blissful as it is, as a consumer,you have several options for a very small amount.
I remember my younger sister who studies at UNIBEN say that she waits till Saturday to go the Sug market to get cheap things.

2. Find a cheap market. 

You wouldn't believe me when I say there are cheap markets. Anyways this might be for specific goods.
For instance, when i was in Lagos, I wanted to get clothes,so i asked around and I was told to visit yaba or ajah market. I got a whole lot and saved 3000 naira off my item list. This applies to Orange market in Nasarawa state where you can get cheap fruits or any kind of cash crop for very little amount.........Try my American wonder.

3. Itemise your purchase.

My mum would always ask us to get her paper and pen before she went to the market  and in my years of independence I have done so too.
The need for itemising your purchase is for you to remember what you really need and for what amount.
NGB TRICK: I add the amount of time I want to spend in the market.... It saves a lot of time.

4.Go to the market early.

This hack works like kilode.
Going to the market early gives you the advantages of picking the best at very little cost. (you dey open the person market so tiri gbosa for you). Please stick to your budget.

5. Go round the market. 

As an African child ,i never looked forward to a general market day but now I know better.
Nothing pains me more than buying a commodity for a certain amount and walking a little further to see that same commodity for a cheaper amount. It feels like heartbreak, so I try my best to sample stalls and walk further before buying anything and when I am through buying, I fix my gaze towards the road leading my house(i cannot come and die Biko)

6.Haggle the prices of the commodity. 

Uhum,i am sure most people would say they cannot haggle prices.... But have you ever wondered why our mums have eaten their cakes and had it back? They haggled the price of a commodity from 1500 to 200(how do they do that shiii?)besides, these traders add incredulous amount of money to the original price of the good to get fat gain(not me abeg),so pal even if you cannot haggle, try and ask"how much be the last price"

7. Include miscellaneous to your itemed List. 

I contemplated adding this but after thought,i am adding it.
When going to the market, add miscellaneous like, transport fare, small chop chop and fanta to take hold body, and if you are the type that eye used to chook inside clothes,sandals and shoes, I'd advise you add the exact amount you would want to spend and for what quantity.  Remember...stay on budget.

Thank you for reading.
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  1. I never knew these things, this will cut alot of cost for me, your blog is helpful. Thanks NGB

  2. Thank you for these tips, i know some while some are completely unique or should i say the way you explain them.


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