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Exciting Ways To Start Your Day

Monty winters
Pray: It may sound obnoxious but prayer gives me hope that my day will be better. It also jiggles and make me unusually prepared to take on my day bravely.

Excersise / yoga : As we are currently battling with the ASUU strike, I had to make good use of my time, so I started teaching in a nursery and primary school where I take the nursery 2 section.
However,making my way out of bed is usually rigorous and sometimes this is after praying.  So what I do to remove laziness and bleakness is exercise or do yoga, not forgetting the music. Yoga itself is refreshing, and soothes my aching self.

Cold shower : this works wonders.  So if after my exercise and cold shower and I still feel unenthusiastic, then I know my village people are on my matter.
Cold showers would keep your mind awake and leave you refreshed.  Little wonder it is a combatant of konji *lol*😛

Take Mint: I don't have scientific back ups for this but mint helps my mind stay alert and ready for work.
Mentos or baba…

On Top Independence Day Matter

Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!

I don't particularly remember having a  memorable experience on this day except the bombing that happened in Abuja in 2010.

I remembered I wanted to go out to millennium park by 2pm with my friends and new found boyfriend EA, but unfortunately,the devil reared its ugly head in my mum that day.

You know, whenever I am home and I plan on going out, I'd ask my parents if they wanted me to do anything for them and I would do so as early as 6am so I'd be left off happily ........ I did not really Want to hear 'Chere kan bia '.    So my mum said yes oh, she had clothes she wanted to me to wash.  Brethren in the lord, if you see this these clothes, you would pity for me.
It did not stop there, that same morning, my mum made this nasty pap aka akamu, filled with sugar and milk, just the way I like it.
Y'all know the after effects of akamu,akara and bread.

I told myself I still had 4hours, shey is it not this small clothes ,I will sleep for …