On Top Independence Day Matter

Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!

I don't particularly remember having a  memorable experience on this day except the bombing that happened in Abuja in 2010.

I remembered I wanted to go out to millennium park by 2pm with my friends and new found boyfriend EA, but unfortunately,the devil reared its ugly head in my mum that day.

You know, whenever I am home and I plan on going out, I'd ask my parents if they wanted me to do anything for them and I would do so as early as 6am so I'd be left off happily ........ I did not really Want to hear 'Chere kan bia '.    So my mum said yes oh, she had clothes she wanted to me to wash.  Brethren in the lord, if you see this these clothes, you would pity for me.
It did not stop there, that same morning, my mum made this nasty pap aka akamu, filled with sugar and milk, just the way I like it.
Y'all know the after effects of akamu,akara and bread.

I told myself I still had 4hours, shey is it not this small clothes ,I will sleep for two hours and wash for 30 minutes abegi.  So I set my alarm and slept.  True to my word I woke up and set out to work, by the time I got detergent and started washing in Ernest, I remembered my mum bringing her clothes one by one.... " ehe, NGB,i wore this clothes one time, just help me wash it ' or 'NGB, help your younger sister wash this her skirt na' .  All this request coming from each sides. I could not complain if I really wanted to go with no hurdles, so I was just collecting the clothes eyeing my mum and siblings.   What broke the camel's back was when my mum brought down curtains and asked me to wash it.  Those curtains sincerely had no joy, very heavy and had not been washed for ages.
By the time I saw the curtains,my face fell and tears had glistened in my eyes threatening to come down if care wasn't taken.  Whew!!!! I washed and washed.

When I asked my younger sister for the time and was told it was past two, I was already crying profusely.... My first outing since my graduation from secondary school fa.........what wickedness.

Done with washing, it was almost 3:30pm and my friends had been calling and calling, so they left without me.  My cry doubled, but not without a resolve to run away from home the next day since the wickedness hovering round the house was too much and I would break up with the senseless boy that could not even morally support me by staying back at his House, yinmu like me.  My dear readers, with cry cry eye,i continued my sleep from where I stopped.

By evening, I was moody but hardened, I still hated my mum and my supposed boyfriend.

When I watched the evening news on AIT that faithful Friday, I saw that a supposed group bombed the eagles square I think.  My mind became troubled,' hey! those idiots that left me will pass eagle square to get to millennium park' I thought I didn't know.  So I went out, got recharge cards and began to call'em friends.  Anyways, thankfully they were safe and the eagles square did not in anyway come close to the millennium park .   Immediately, I stopped hating my mum or the boy.

You know, right now and since then, I have come to understand that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe if I had gone,i would have convinced them,so we would enter the eagles square.... I am that crazy ni ooo.  I thank God sincerely.

I would love to say from my keyboard, A Happy Independence Day  and a Happy New Month.

I am NGB, The Naija Gal On A Budget.

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