Exciting Ways To Start Your Day

Monty winters
Pray: It may sound obnoxious but prayer gives me hope that my day will be better. It also jiggles and make me unusually prepared to take on my day bravely.

 Excersise / yoga : As we are currently battling with the ASUU strike, I had to make good use of my time, so I started teaching in a nursery and primary school where I take the nursery 2 section.
However,making my way out of bed is usually rigorous and sometimes this is after praying.  So what I do to remove laziness and bleakness is exercise or do yoga, not forgetting the music. Yoga itself is refreshing, and soothes my aching self.

Cold shower : this works wonders.  So if after my exercise and cold shower and I still feel unenthusiastic, then I know my village people are on my matter.
Cold showers would keep your mind awake and leave you refreshed.  Little wonder it is a combatant of konji *lol*😛

Take Mint: I don't have scientific back ups for this but mint helps my mind stay alert and ready for work.
Mentos or baba blue could do the Trick or better still a minty based toothpaste could be a substitute.

Keep A Positive Attitude:   This is helpful. Keeping a positive attitude keeps me on the road stealthy, i also get helpful quotes which helps as motivation.

When I get to school every morning and I see a child cry and cling to his or her parent saying "Mummy/daddy,i don't want to come to school"  In my mind, I am like.....'oh, the feeling is mutual '

Yea! I made it to school after all.  By the way, I adore those kids.

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