My Wash Day Routine

My Natural Hair Wash Day
I am washing in preparation to carry a wig,cornrow, and twist out for atleast 2 weeks.
Although my wash was done at home as I am on vacation, hence I have just few oils,which means I have to make use of natural materials I can get my hands on.

In this tutorial, I would be sharing less expensive tips or better still DIY materials to wash your natural hair.
So here is my wash routine and items I used.

Items used:
Eggs.             =40 naira
2 small onion bulbs. = 40 naira
Honey(1small bottle) =300 naira
4 fingers of baby banana =50naira
Shea butter (ori)          =50naira
Lipton (2 bags)           =20 naira
Coconut oil (I got 250ml)   =500naira
Argan oil(got it as a gift last year)
Extra virgin olive oil (Elise brand)=800naira

                     Total  = 1800 Naira


This is a stage to prep your hair for the whole hair process
I peeled onion then blended it with a bit of water though I can't say how much water I put but I considered the weight and length of my hair but I would advise you wouldn't put a lot of water so that it would not drip unto your clothes or body considering the smell.
NGB Tip: I'd advise you sieve the blended mix, and throw away the chaff. Add your oils like coconut oil and Argan oil .
Also, section your in 4 parts then apply the mix from the roots of the hair up to the tip of the hair.
If you cannot take the smell of the onion, mix up the coconut oil and Argan oil, apply to you sectioned hair.
Cover up with a shower cap for 30 to 45minutes, then proceed to the next step.


I used the dudu osun which is a black soap which helps.  I washed with warm water to open the pores of my scalp.
NGB TIP;  wash your hair with your fingertips and concentrate on your scalp. 

Deep conditioning

I blended together the eggs, honey, banana, Shea butter, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

After my wash, I made sure my hair was dry but still moist to avoid my mixture from running over.
I parted my hair in four sections and applied my blend as if I was applying a relaxer starting from the roots of the hair to the tip of the hair. Here, I combed through,section by section with a wide tooth comb.  Then I cover my conditioned hair with a nylon bag also covered by my shower cap.  I let this be for an hour, even though 45 minutes is recommended.
After this, wash out the conditioning with the dudu osun and cold water once. This is so that the egg would not cook.

I made my rinse with 2 bags of Lipton tea and this is because my hair is not weighty nor long but 4 bags is what I would recommend for a big, long and weighty hair.
So I made my rinse in a naija teacup full of hot water which I left to cool while conditioning. After this, I rinsed the hair through with the Lipton tea. (I forgot to take pictures of this)

Leave in conditioning
I used glycerin, coconut oil, water and a spritz bottle.
Since I forgot my leave in conditioner product, I mixed the glycerin, coconut oil, water in the spritz bottle and used this to get my groovy shine amongst other benefits.

Finally, I tied my hair in a nylon headscarf and slept in that.

Testimony :my wash was done a week ago and I can proudly tell you that my hair has this shine my hairdresser(sister­čśŤ) could not help but admire and that's the work of the deep conditioning and rinse. Also the onion always and has always gave my hair weight and length,infact my hair got two inches long or more and overall, no dandruff and flakes has been found for this past week...................Isn't that bliss? 
Try this out and tell me your outcome.

Thank you for reading

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I am NGB, Nigeria Gal On A Budget.


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