A Letter to My Blog

Dear Blog,

Sometimes I forget I have to grow followership and content for you.  And you know what.. It's not been easy at all.

For the first time I got to admit it, owning a blog is no piece of cake.  It requires consistency, hard work, diligence and creativity. Sometimes I even doubt I am creative enough to run you.  I look at other blogs and then I go.. . Damn, they've got a lot of sauce, I mean hot sauce. Besides I doubt if anyone reads you as I get just few amount of views.. . You are like a diary, which I don't mind tho. I wish I could get help, get a new look for you but what do I know, I am just a new blogger and novice at that with little cash to dispense with.  I wish,  I wish I could do better.

Phew!! I feel like screaming.

Can I get any better?  I do think affirmative

Would the good content come?  Yes, things just have a way of getting better, I am so positive.

Would you give up?   Hell no

Well, blog baby I have done enough or I think I have done a bit well today😑.. Not fogetting that miracle won the big brother naija 2018😋

*runs away*


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